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Description of Classes> Dance Technique Classes

Dance Technique Classes for Adults and Teens over 13 and up


(Not all of these classes may be offered during the current, or next semester). 

African/Modern Fusion This dynamic African dance class emphasizes fitness using West African dance movement and the pulsating-joyful rhythms of West Africa, Brazil, Haiti and beyond. Learn folkloric secular and sacred dances that accompany these rhythms, and explore freestyle African and Brazilian dance forms. A great way to gain stamina, strength, and flexibility while having fun. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.

Ballet Modern classical ballet forms a strictly defined dance vocabulary. Classes will emphasize posture, placement, basic positions, center floor patterns, and locomotor movements. Movement is geared for each level. Wear ballet slippers. Levels I through II.

Ballroom You will learn basic patterns for Merengue, Rumba, Salsa, Waltz, Cha Cha and Swing.
Want to ballroom dance but don’t have a partner? Have two left feet? Dancin’ David’s Ballroom Line Dancing classes are made for you. Come have fun and move!

Ballroom Line Dancing  You will learn basics of posture, partnering and patterns in Merengue, Rumba and Swing. These dances can be done at almost any social event.
Going to a wedding or corporate party? Want to look and feel great on the dance floor? Want to meet new people? Dancin’ David’s Ballroom Basics class was made for you!

Belly Dance  An exotic classical form to improve posture, tone muscles, and increase self confidence! Accompanied by heavily syncopated music of the Mid-East, students will study the naturally expressive movements for which this form has become so popular. This class is open to all levels, no experience necessary.

Hip Hop Learn steps straight off the street and MTV. Class incorporates popping, locking, and syncopated rhythm, and puts cutting edge moves to popular house, hip-hop, and pop music. Class will use the latest and greatest Hip Hop moves and music. This class is open to all levels, no experience necessary.

Irish Dance  This class is Traditional Irish Stepdance. You will learn basic movements and timing for the Irish jig, reels, slipjigs, hornpipes, treble jigs, and a variety of 2, 3, 4, and 8 person group dances.  The emphasis will be on traditional steps and music, as passed down from generation to generation.  Class is geared toward the new dancer, but those with other dance experience, and those with Irish dance experience are welcomed to join as movements will be geared toward individual dancers.  Wear ghillies (Irish light shoes, we can order), ballet slippers, sneakers or dancer sneakers, or socks. 

Isadora Duncan Dance Natural, expressive style of dance pioneered by Isadora Duncan. This class helps develop grace and artistry. Duncan Dance is heavily influenced by poetry, music, and mythology. Bring your ideas! We will dance them. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.

Jazz (All That Jazz) Learn all styles of Jazz dance technique including Pop, Broadway, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical. Class includes warm-up, stretching, and floor combinations, and will help to develop rhythm and performance skills. This class is open to all levels, no experience necessary.

Lyrical Jazz is sometimes thought of a soft jazz. It uses movement to express feelings and ideas. It is a combination of jazz and ballet, which develops strength, flexibility, fluidity and intent. Class will include warm-ups, dance combinations and a cool down stretch to contemporary music.

Modern Dance The experience of modern technique is equal to the intensity of ballet & jazz with greater emphasis on the movement exploration. Modern technique develops a strong flexible body through excercises, combinations and across the floor patterns designed to increase the students sense of time, space, weight and dynamics. Levels I & II.

 Modern Hip Hop Fusion  will combine fluid modern movement with hip hop beat and rhythms.This class focuses on beat and emotional expression. Class includes warm-up, strength & stretch, center and across the floor, and dances phrases. This interpretive style is for anyone who enjoys  Hip Hop, R&B Jazz, and Funk Music.

Musical Theater Jazz Dance Remember “Singing in the Rain”, “Cool” from West Side Story, “One Singular Sensation” from Chorus Line, “All that Jazz” or  “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago?  Easy to learn versions of dances from the movies will have you singing along as you learn some jazz, street funk, Robbins, Bennet, Fosse style modern, character dance and more.  Warm-ups will begin and cool down stretching will end each class. Some dance experience is helpful.

Tap Dance is an American tradition. Learn all the basic steps including time steps, military rhythms, buffalo, and fancy footwork. Dances will be developed as class progresses. Wear tap shoes. Levels I & II.


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