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eba's philosophy is that dance is a lifetime activity to be enjoyed by young and old alike as part of everyday life - as sport, relaxation, art, a social activity, and of course - for personal enjoyment.

"I was really nervous to take a 'real' dance class, as an adult with no dance training (unless you count Zumba and second grade ballet class). But I felt welcomed from the start and encouraged the entire time. Maude was an amazing teacher, breaking the routine into manageable pieces for a few beginners to learn, and we all had so much fun -- and a great workout! Even the warm-ups were fun! I didn't want the session to end, and can't wait to go back. -Jen Barkan, eba student

“Classes at eba, like most exercise classes, are invigorating, energizing, satisfying and rewarding. But, even more than that, being part of a dance class at eba is to participate in a supportive group environment in which everyone is a dancer and everyone has special strengths, and everyone can encourage and learn from the other. In that, feeling good about yourself is a group activity, is feeling good about others.” - Comment from an eba student.



Drop in Class           $15.00

5 Class Card good for 3 months          $65.00

10 Class Card good for 6 months          $110.00


Drop in Class          $13.00

5 Class Card good for 3 months          $59.00

10 Class Card good for 3 months          $99.00


Drop in Class          $20.00


Full School year   $395

Move Your Body Classes are in session at the Westminster Church - 85 Chestnut St, Albany

Kids Class are also at the Westminster Church.