About eba Programs

eba is dedicated to cultivating, promoting, and developing an understanding of and public
interest in the performing, visual and technological arts; through creation, performance, training, touring and idea sharing. Of equal importance, we endeavor to cultivate an understanding of the inherent creative potential within each of us and to integrate these creative aims with daily life.
eba began as an artist collective in 1973. From its simple beginnings, eba has grown into a multifaceted arts organization that is intrinsically woven into the artistic fabric of our Capital Region  Community.

To accomplish our mission, distinct programs operate under the eba umbrella:

  • Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre
  • eba Center for Dance and Movement
  • eba Community Arts
  • eba Legacy Project
  • 50th Anniversary


eba is able to continue with the generous support of our community. Contributions are tax deductible as eba is a 501(c)(3) charity.

eba is…

Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre, eba’s ensemble that creates, performs and tours American Dance Theatre regionally and internationally. The Company’s acclaimed repertoire sparks interest and enthusiasm for the art form of dance wherever they perform.

eba Center for Dance and Movement is eba’s school for adults and seniors offering Dance and Fitness classes in a non competitive environment.

eba Community Arts are programs including:

Life Circle – dance, theatre, song, storytelling and performance for anyone- old, young, disabled and able. 

Creative Adventures from Home – online creative workshops to keep our imagination alive and active.

eba Legacy Project includes an exhibition of the eba archives saved for the past 50 years. It is a traveling exhibition of the archives with an interactive area to share how eba created art in the early days, using live and computer generated movement, sound and light.The eba Archives are stored in a climate controlled unit contributed by the Rosenblum Company. We are very fortunate to have this important contribution. The archives are about 600 cubic feet of information about every aspect of the eba company from 1973. Financial records, costumes, music, video, ephemera, posters, programs, choreography/ score/ tech notes, lesson plans for creative workshops to teach regular school curriculum, grants, administration, letters, photos and much more.

The 50th Anniversary is a planning process for eba’s 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Fall 2022. Want to help? Join the team. Email us at ebadance@gmail.com for more information.

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