Maude Baum & Company Community Residency

The following is an example of a residency based in the creative process of dance making (choreography).

Pre Concert Workshop: Learn the tools used in making dances. This workshop will share the art of choreography with participants of any level of dance experience. They will learn basic structures of movement so they, in turn, can try their hand at dance making in the post concert workshop. A range of choreographic forms will be explored such as music visualization (as seen in many classical ballets) and more contemporary styles including working from poetry or written story. The workshop will further the students’ understanding of dance making by giving them a viewpoint from which to watch dance and other performance art. Having a greater understanding of the materials that choreographers use to build dances will allow participants to become more engaged in the performance and enjoy a greater understanding of the art and craft of choreography.
Concert: See the choreographic process in it’s finished state. In a performance by Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre, the audience will see some of the structures and concepts presented in the workshop come to life on stage. The students will be given reflection sheets to note any reaction or feelings generated by the performance. This process reinforces the idea that performance art is not only a form of entertainment, but also a very powerful form of communication and personal expression. This is a great opportunity to develop audience skills.

Post Concert Discussion/Workshop: Share the thoughts and ideas noted on the concert reflection sheets. Because reflections and idea sharing are a vital part of the choreographic process, dance makers need feedback from their audience. This sharing also allows participants to express their feelings about the performance. This nurtures conversational skills, awareness of other’s points of view about art and helps participants become dance literate. During the final part of the workshop, participants will explore dance making first-hand. Using guiding principles of choreography, participants will create dances and share them with the group. Participants will personally experience the joys and frustrations of the creative process.


* Please note that a MB & CO residency can include a variety of topics presented in many different ways. Here are some more options available:


PERFORMANCE- in your Performing Arts Center or community facility.

LECTURE DEMONSTRATION- in aspects of the artform of Dance Theater including: Use of Improvisation in Choreography and Character Work, Dance and Photography - Opposing Worlds, Spoken Word and Dance, Styles of Dance, Energy and Movement and several other strands.

MASTER CLASSES- in dance technique, improvisation, choreography, performance art, theater technique, dance with visual art, music and/or poetry, dance for non dancers, electronic media and dance movement, creative dance for children, intergenerational dance and storytelling, among many other topics.

WORKSHOPS- in professional development for college students or school faculty - artists in classrooms, the business of dance, teaching through kinesthetics, planning for collaborative teaching with artists, meeting the New York State and National Dance and Theater Learning standards for grades k-12, Dance in the Classroom - No Counting.

MB & CO would be more than happy to work with you to create a unique residency for your facility and/or community.

For further inquiries, or to book a Maude Baum and Company Community Residency, contact:
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