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All not-for-profits rely on the generosity of its supporters. Small arts organizations such as eba would neither meet the needs of our community nor our mission, if we did not make every effort to bring art into the lives of our entire community, not just those who can afford it. Over the years, our supporters realize this effort. Time and again you have found the means to allow us to continue this very important work of nurturing the spirit and soul of our community.

Become an eba supporter.  Give whatever you can. It will be just the right amount.

Unique Giving Opportunities or Create your own Fund

Brave New Dances Fund:

Dr. Murray Vernon King never missed a Brave New Dances Concert at the eba Theater. His family set up the Brave New Dances Fund in honor of his lifelong commitment to the importance of creativity.

Contributions of any amount to the Brave New Dances Fund will be used solely to support the creation of new dance theatre works for Brave New Dances.Brave New Dances annually takes place on the First two weekends in November .

For those who have enabled eba to grow, prosper and thrive for over 45 years through generous gifts of your time, talent, and support, we extend our sincerest 

Thank You!