Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre

“Few choreographers explore character as honestly as Maude Baum.”

“Dramatic dance theater at it’s best.”  -Wendy Liberatore

Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre is the hallmark of eba, Inc. With a mission to bring the best of American Modern Dance Theatre Choreography and Performance to audiences and to inspire creativity, Maude Baum and Company creates, performs and tours acclaimed American Modern Dance works and offers a superb repertoire of Dance Theatre works including: Historical Dances of Isadora Duncan (circa 1900-1915), and Charles Weidman (circa 1950); Dance Theatre of Artistic Director Maude Baum, and commissioned Dances of American Choreographers Cliff Keuter, Jamie Cunningham, Kevin Wynn and Tandy Beal; Company performances range from classical modern dance to avant garde performance art works. The Company’s acclaimed repertoire sparks interest and enthusiasm for the art form of dance wherever they perform. Maude Baum and Company tours internationally to Europe, Asia and Africa with cultural exchange programs as well as performing in the Northeast.

Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre
Dances of Isadora- Spring 2010
“Valse Brillante”  Choreographed by Isadora Duncan -circa 1905
Music By Chopin

Maude Baum, the Company’s Artistic Director has been acknowledged as a leader in the field of Dance Theatre for over 45 years. Ms. Baum received the prestigious Albany Chamber Women of Excellence Award for Distinguished Career.

Each member of Maude Baum and Company is a college educated, performing artist with years of experience in the field. Most are experienced teaching artists as well.

Sometimes in My Mind, Always in My Heart

Sonic Suite with musical stools

June 6, 2020

Eba at 50 Snippets

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